College Advising

Brent Snyder Golf has built one of the largest college development programs in the region. BSG students success is depicted on the success stories page. The BSG Staff spends a considerable amount of time building long term relationships that lead to post secondary opportunities.

The program contains personal attention to the family and all service needs.  This process is about being prepared to play college golf.  The opportunities are very clear for those willing to work!  Time commitment for instruction, like most things with BSG, is driven by the player.  Initial meeting can be set up through the contact page.  Services offered on advising will be based off of needs and age of player.  All advising is managed by BSG Staff, the instructor and Ellen.  You can find out more about Ellen Kuenster by clicking on the button below.

About Ellen

Lesson times with players under the college advising plan are all spent with BSG Staff. This is an all encompassing program that includes, but not limited to:

  • Resume Building
  • Statistical Collection
  • Cover Letters
  • Tournament Selection
  • Emphasis on ideal college golf experience based on academic and athletics goals and strengths
  • Initial introduction to coaches & programs around the country
  • Fitting Needs
  • Short Game
  • Full Swing
  • Mental Game
  • Course Management
  • Fitness Suggestions
  • Prep Time for Visits
  • Administrative Organization

Throughout this entire process you will have a personal resource that is constantly working to help you reach your personal goals. This is a proven service, that Brent Snyder Golf is  thrilled to offer. Applicable resources can be found in the buttons below.

Brent Snyder Golf offers assistance to student athletes interested in pursuing college golf. This assistance does not guarantee any scholarship or college placement. The advisor will follow the bylaws established by the NCAA and will not serve as the student athlete’s agent, will not market or promote a prospective student athlete, and will not act on their behalf.